Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sean "Diddy" Combs receives his star on the Hollywood Blvd

May 2,2008 Sean "Diddy, P.Diddy, Puffy" Combs" received his star on the Hollywood blvd. It was a very nice day in Hollywood. Fans had begun to wait around 9:00 am and the proceedings started around 11:30 am. Sean was joined by his wife and kids, his mom, Big Boy from Power 106 radio station,Russell Simmons, Jamie Fox and Arsenio Hall. I must say that alot of fans and spectators were out to witness this star unveiling. Some fans were given t-shirts and signs to hold as well as some balloons. Fans receiving the t-shirts were asked to put them on. Big Boy and Jamie Fox gave a short speech on behalf of Diddy. Jamie Fox really got the fans into the ceremonies by leading them into a verse from Diddy's song "Bad Boy for life". After all this, it was time for Diddy to give his acceptance speech. It was pretty good and he even gave a quick shout out to the late Johnny Grant, which I thought was pretty nice. After Diddy thanked the fans, his momma and the rest of his family it was time for the actual star unveiling. Once this took place, Diddy posed for some pics for the photographer's and then proceeded to do all the tv interviews. Lastly, after all the press, Sean Diddy Combs finally made some time for the fans that had been waiting patiently. Diddy came over signed some autograph's and chatted a little bit with some of the fans. The 2 pictures that I posted for this story i snapped myself, you can see Diddy holding the replica star. If you would like to see the video footage I shot from the event you can go to the place where i post all my video's @ under curls93.

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