Thursday, May 8, 2008

Christina Ricci signs autographs for her fans

Well this is another great video shot by "Laphoto2006", video was shot wednesday May 7,2008. This guy has been busy lately getting great videos for fans to check out. In the video is actress Christina Ricci leaving the Jimmy Kimmel show. Upon leaving she made time to sign autographs and pose for a picture with a lucky fan. I'm surprised that she signed. The last time I saw Christina she didn't even wave in the fans direction. I guess she knows that "Speedracer" is going to be a hit. Speedracer is the new movie that comes out in movie theaters this weekend starring Christina Ricci. Also in this video is some coverage of Melissa Burech. Melissa has been on TMZ, her claim to fame is by getting the celebrities to sign her skin and then she gets a tattoo of the signature. Melissa has a list of celebrities that she wants to get. Some celebrities have denied her such as Queen Latifah. All I can say is that if Angelina Jolie can sign for Melissa then Queen Latifah has to stop being a Diva and sign for her too. As you can see I've posted alot of great video coverage shot by Laphoto2006. If you like his work make sure to check out his work at under Laphoto2006.

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