Wednesday, May 7, 2008

$100 million doesn't change Robert Downey Jr

This is a terrific video of Robert Downey Jr signing autographs and posing for pics as he entered to the Jimmy Kimmel show on May 6,2008. This Exclusive video was shot by my friend "Jorma" otherwise known as Laphoto2006. It just shows that even with a hit movie out "Ironman" having made 100 million dollars in it's first weekend of release hasn't changed Robert Downey Jr from being a nice guy. He took alot of time to sign and interact with his fans. Just shows how classy this guy really is. I wish i would have been there to get my own footage but i had some prior commitments. Anyways, another great job by "Laphoto2006" capturing the stars that people really wanna see.

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