Sunday, February 6, 2011

Molly Sims calls cops on paparazzi, has a meltdown

Recently I shot this video of hollywood actor Molly Sims out in Los Angeles at a local coffeebean. Now i ususally love Molly as she has been nice to me in the past when i met her but on this day she was just an angry wench. Molly had the coffeebean call cops on the paparazzi and then when the cops couldn't do anything to save poor Molly, molly decided to use the public bathroom! After all that, Molly decided it was time to leave but one last problem for poor Molly was her car didn't start. At this point Molly became aggitated with the paparazzi lashing out her venom towards them. Make sure you watch the exclusive video of all the chaos below. TILL WE MEET AGAIN MOLLY!

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