Friday, January 29, 2010

Elisha Cuthbert gets yelled at by Angry fan

Recently I caught up with Sexy canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert from the tv show 24. The Girl Next Door starlet was leaving The Jimmy Kimmel show and she posed with a fan in a wheelchair. After that is when the real drama went down. Elisha came over to about 50 fans who had waited for 5 hours. Elisha came over got a present from a fan signed a few autographs for that man and then totally stiffed the rest of the crowd. I guess you have to give her something in order to get her autograph. Well one fan began to yell at her and it was pretty funny. I must say that I think she totally deserved it! To sign for one and then not the others is pretty mean. What do you think? Did Elisha deserve to be yelled at or not?

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