Friday, September 4, 2009

Gerard Butler greets fans outside Jimmy Kimmel September 4,2009

Hello to all you Gerard Butler fans around the world!!!!! I know there are millions of Gerard Butler fans who never get the chance to meet the HotScot in person so then the video I shot today is for you to enjoy! It was a brutually hot day down in Hollywood California on September 4,2009. I knew Jimmy Kimmel would be packed with tons of Rabid Gerard Butler fans so I left pretty early to get a good spot in line. Gerard arrived at about 6:15. At first it looked like Gerry was gonna walk inside the building and make all the fans wait till he left. Luckily for the fans, and after some pleading Gerry made time for his fans. You can see Gerry talking away and signing away looking adorable as ever. I was able to add another Gerard Butler autograph to my very small collection. Gerry made sure he got as many of the fans as possible. Gerry was out promoting his latest movie The GAMER which I must say looks awesome. Gerry has also been in The Ugly Truth, P.S I love you, 300, RocknRolla, Nim's Island and a bunch more. Gerry is currently working on The Bounty with Jen Aniston. Its always a pleasure seeing Gerry as he is one of the nicest celebrities too his fans. I'd love to hear your feedback about Gerry or your favorite movie that he has done thus far so don't be shy to drop me a line and leave a comment on this Story. I'll be adding a few pictures shortly from this evening. So to all the Gerry fans have yourselves a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Curls93!
my name is Giovanna, I'm 19 and I'm writing from Italy. I just wanted to tell you how much I envy you!
you are very lucky! I live in a little village and the possibility of meeting Gerard is inexistent!
He is my favourite actor since I first watched The Phantom of The Opera!! so thank you VERY VERY much for giving me (and all the fans!) the chance to see him with his fans!
bye bye