Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sexy Alyssa Milano has a nice R(B)ack

Sexy Alyssa Milano was attending a tv talkshow yesterday on september 17,2008. Unfornately for the fans Alyssa was being a Diva. She paid absolutely no attention to the fans that were screaming her name on the way in. Not even a wave! On the way out Alyssa showed no love either once again denying the fans her attention. No wave, no autographs, no pics, no nothing from such a beautiful lady. Alyssa used to be the one celebrity i wanted to see. I only wonder if she got this diva attitude from Shannon Doherty from working on Charmed together. All I know if for such a sexy lady she has absolutely no class. Good luck on the tv show my name is earl they should switch the title to My name is Diva! Maybe the fans should turn off their tv's when your show is on.

Alyssa Milano 0908.wmv

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