Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pam Anderson loves to talk about?

Sexy Pam Anderson talks about what her show is. Pam says its not a reality show because it is not scripted. Does it really matter. Her show is called "Pam on the Loose". The Canadian Bombshell is starting to look old and perhaps this show will put her back in the public's eye. Pam has 2 kids with rocker Tommy Lee, she has also been married to Kid Rock and Rick Solomon. Pam has been featured in Playboy many times and was one of the first to have a sextape. I mean sextapes. What do you think of Pam's new show? Is it gonna flop like Denise Richard's show or will Pam have enough T & A to keep guys coming back for more week after week? Let me know. Video by Hollywoodtv

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