Friday, September 26, 2008

Lindsay Lohan with Sam by her side gives paparazzi the finger!

Sexy Fiery redhead Lindsay Lohan with Sam Ronson can be seen leaving Il Cielo in Beverly Hills. Once this celebrity couple was departing it turned into a free for all as guards were trying to clear a path for both ladies. You can see the action by watching the video below which was shot by hollywoodtv.

Actress Lindsay Lohan can be seen with Sam Ronson at American Rag shopping. The paparazzi asked Lindsay if they were invited to the wedding of Lindsay and Sam. Lilo did not respond. While in the store the paparazzi were taking pictures and you can see the flashing annoyed lilo so Lindsay gave them the middle finger. Lindsay where has that middle finger been recently? Video was shot once again by Hollywoodtv

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