Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kobe Bryant is the MVP or Most Valuable PRICK?

This is the only picture i managed to snap of NBA baseketball star Kobe Bryant. Kobe made no time for his few fans that were waiting for him to arrive to a tv show. He could only give this minor wave. The reigning NBA MVP was a prick! I left after Kobe arrived. Kobe is a disgrace. Go Lakers, not a chance when you got this piece of trash on your team. Kobe might be the best NBA player, but with an attitude like that it is no wonder that former teammates diss him. Maybe Shaq had it all right in his famous rap about Kobe. Maybe Kobe did rat out Shaq. Kobe "How does Shaq's ass taste"? Check out the video of Shaq's famous rap below

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