Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kimbo "NOT NICE" Slice knocks out 2 guys

So I came across this video of Kimbo Slice knocking out 2 guys. You see Kimbo beat the first guy, the second guy has more heart and gets up numerous times but he was no match for Kimbo Slice. I recently had the chance to see Kimbo and was hoping to get my own video of him talking about his upcoming match versus Ken Shamrock. However, Kimbo made no time for the 10 fans that waited over 4 hours to see him. That is why I now hope for Ken Shamrock to beat Kimbo. Kimbo was pushed to the limit is his last fight with James Thompson. Ken Shamrock has lost 5 in row but his experience should win him this battle. If Kimbo doesn't knock Shamrock out in 2 minutes or less then I believe Shamrock will just wear down this big brute. I wanna hear all mma fans comments on who they think is gonna win this fight. Just remember even if Kimbo wins he's still not nice. - Watch more free videos

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