Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jessica Simpson bombs on live air

Would the real Jessica Simpson please stand up. This is video of her live performance today on ABC's Good Morning America in New York City. Once you watch the video you may never be the same. I always thought this babe could sing but now after listening to whatever that was supposed to be, I'm not sure. When Jessica sings God Bless America she sounds great. I think she should have chosen God Bless America today in New York because in 2 days it is going to be the anniversary of September 11th terrorist attacks. The fans would have loved that and it would have made for a good tribute for all the innocent people that lost their lives on that day. The only sane solution I can come too for Jessica's terrible performance is that she is from the west coast and perhaps the time change affected her. I'm sure she is normally still in bed at the time she sang this morning back in Los Angeles dreaming of Tony Romo scoring touchdowns on her.

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