Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jessica & Ashlee Simpson get together at Beso

Well well well, the Simpson sisters decided to have a get together at Beso restaurant. Beso is owned by actress Eva Longoria. Beso is gradually becoming a celebrity hotspot to eat. Every time I'm near the area my mouth water's because the food smells delicious. Ashlee is first to leave. Ashlee is pregnant with her first baby from singer Pete Wentz(husband). Pete was not present on the evening. Jessica leaves soon after and the hot blond looks HOT like normal. The paparazzi try and get Jessica to speak about whose album will do better between Jessica and Carrie Underwood. I believe right before Jessica leaves that Jessica turns on her song "Come on Over" and proceeds to sing a bit in the car. I have to say that I like the song and I believe that Jessica's debut Country album is gonna be a smash hit with fans. Video was shot by Hollywoodtv and you can see more of their great work over on youtube.

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