Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Girls Next Door Holly Madison Nipple exposed!

Girls Next Door star Holly Madison was at the Ivy restaurant for lunch. When Hugh Hefner's main girl was leaving Holly made time to talk to the paparazzi. She talks about Greenpeace and a whole list of other things. One pointy thing happened though! If you look closely you can see Holly had on a low cut top and she was not wearing a bra. Her nipple is slightly exposed for a couple of seconds. Do you think she did this on purpose? It has been rumored that Holly is setting herself up to leave Hugh behind possibly for Mr. Chriss Angel. Holly should stick it out with Hugh because if she leaves, she might just dissapear! This video should only be watched if your over 18. This video was shot by Laphoto2006.

Holly Madison flashes nipples at outside Ivy - Watch more free videos

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