Monday, September 8, 2008

Earthquake felt in the NFL could destroy a legend

Hello all NFl football fans. Yesterday their was a major earthquake that hit the NFL. Only today the aftershocks hit even harder. Quarterback and reigning NFl Most Valuable Player TOM BRADY is done for the rest of the season. Tom got hit by the safety of the Kansas City Chiefs. The back up quarterback came on and lead the Patriots to a 17-10 win. Now that Tom has been confirmed as done for the year, he will need surgery on his knee and a whole lot of rehab from his supermodel girlfried Gisele Bunchden. Only time will tell if the Patriots make a move at quarterback. I wonder if they wish Brett Favre was still available. Even if Tom comes back, will he be the same player? Could that Earthquake yesterday be the end of a legend? We won't know that till at least next year.

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