Thursday, August 14, 2008

Celebrity autographs

hello all my fellow blog readers. I've decided to plug a friends website. He is known as Redbull. He is by far the hardest working celebrity autograph seeker. I've known him for little over 2 years and he is always out getting celebrity autographs. You name it, he has got it and if not he will get it for you. I know alot of celebrities faces but this guy is incredible. He knows every A through D lister around. If your looking for celebrity autographs then please visit his website. His site is at tell him curls93 sent you and maybe he will give you a discount. If you wanna see him in action then check out some of my videos on under curls93. You can see him chasing Patrick Swayze, you can hear him in my rachel taylor video and lots more. Here is a picture of him with a celebrity i snapped. Like i said this guy is the hardest working guy in hollywood so stop by his site and check it out. AFFORDABLE is the keyword. It is not too often i vouch for someone but what can i say, when your the best and what you do there really is nothing left to say!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, can you tell me how to get in contact with Redbull? Please contact me at:

It is important that I speak with him about some upcoming opportunities.

Thank you.

Seth W.