Monday, July 21, 2008

Shannon Elisabeth and her boytoy on July 4th, 2008

So this is a video i shot of the poker player/actress Shannon Elisabeth and her current boytoy Derrick Hough. I spotted the pair on Las Vegas strip on July 4th,2008. Shannon was being a diva and kept pulling her hat down so i could barely see her face. You can see them holding hands and walking a bit. They both went to a henna tattoo place and got a tattoo each. You can see shannon playing with her arm as she pays for the tattoo. They thought i had left but i was outside waiting to get more footage of the DIVA. Derrick was her dance partner on Dancing with the Stars,now he is her boytoy. SHannon's only good role was when she showed us her breasts in American Pie and we all know that her poker is terrible. She busted out early out of the WSOP 2008 main event. WAY TO GO DIVA keep up the good work!

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