Sunday, April 27, 2008

Teri Hatcher is an aging Beauty

I decided to post this picture that i took of actress Teri Hatcher. I saw Teri at the 7th annual comedy for a cure event that was held at the Avalon, in Hollywood, california on April 6,2008. Teri is now 44 years old and she is starting to look like an aging beauty. The Desperate Housewives star really has alot of wrinkles on her forehead. Is this a sign of worse things to come for Teri. I certainly hope not. I'm not sure if it was an off day for her make-up wise or if the people that do the make-up for the cast of Desperate Housewives really do a great job in making Teri look beautiful on camera. Can you imagine how much make-up they have to put on to hide all those wrinkles on Teri. One can only imagine how Teri Hatcher will look once she reaches the big 50 years old. Feel free to leave any comments.


Anonymous said...

She looks like a 44 year old normal woman - not like a 44 year old hollywood woman - I mean, nobody can be 44 and not have wrinkles... it's just not normal!!! Okay - it's normal in Hollywood together with botox, fillers, face-lift etc. I think she looks great for a woman in her 40's.

_me_ said...

You better read her book, 'cause you really need it. Are you just superficial to write a post like this on her, or youre juste stupid and you think that you'll never have a wrinkle in your face??? Shes 44, so what? I admire those poeple that think with the heart and not with the eyes. I hope she never read the stupid things on internet like your post. Get a life and talk about something inteligent, can you? She seems to be a really good person and you have to learn to think about what stars can feel reading shit about their face on internet. She deserve better, the good news is that she knows it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think she looks good for her age. Wrinkles add character. She's still a beautiful woman. The wrinkles on her forhead (produced by muscle contraction, they aren't there all the time) do not detract from her beauty. She will be beautiful at 80.